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NUCLEAR - Sensors

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NUCLEAR - Sensors
Fuel pin simulators Application
IN-pile heating system
NUCLEAR - Cabling system
Fast response Ex-Core temperature measurement
Trace heating Application
In-Core temperature Application
NUCLEAR - Sensors
NUCLEAR - Heating solutions
NUCLEAR - Heating solutions
Transmission cable

Thermocoax Nuclear dedicated Website Thermocoax-Nuclear.com

55 years in manufacturing the industry's most trusted

                                           Mineral Insulated Cable & Speciality Heaters


MI cable technology :

The utmost solution in severe environment

When radiation, temperature and pressure are combined, no others technology can survive.

Based on our proven solutions and 55 years of operationnal experience, THERMOCOAX offers you the most reliable solutions for cabling systems, sensors and heating solutions based on MI cable technology.


Nuclear Division

Commercial Field Experience

Since 1957 we are expert in engineering custom MI cable thermal solutions for the most challenging industries


We can help engineering new semi tools and solving thermal issues linked to equipment manufacturing processes. Our True Cold End heater with advanced THERMOCOAX ceramic/metal connectors are working continuously for decades under the most stringent environments ( See references ).

It comes in custom lengths, diameters, sheaths or geometries and can be integrated in any thermal applications (Plates, chucks, evaporators,feedthrough etc..). Integrating a reliable MI cable inside your application is the garantee to avoid any insulation resistance drop during usage


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In-core Gamma flux

Fuel Pin Simulator

In Pile heating system

Spent Fuel Reprocessing and Waste Management

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Transmission cable

Fast response Rtds

Trace Heating

Nuclear Power Plant

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In-Core temperature measurement

In-Core neutron flux

Pressurizer heaters 1E

Nuclear Fuel Production

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Customized ovens

Transmission cable


THERMOCOAX is a recognized worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of solutions for severe environments.

THERMOCOAX offers leading-edge technologies dedicated to the nuclear energy market and provides a complete set of solutions for each stage of the nuclear cycle :